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           Master the art of Parental Partnership for a seamless school-to-home connection

Instructor: Dr. Akshita BahugunaLanguage: English

About the course

    Are you exhausted from navigating the complexities of parent-teacher relationships?

    Unlock the key to success by delving into our exclusive Parental Partnership Mastery,

You will Learn 

  1. Understanding Parental Dynamics
  2. Effective Communication Strategies
  3. Establishing Healthy Boundaries
  4. Behavior Management
  5. Collaboration Promoting Positive Engagement
  6. Transformational Communication Techniques 


What you’ll learn

Understanding Parental Dynamics

Unlock insights into diverse parental perspectives, fostering empathy and collaboration.

Effective Communication Strategies

Master communication skills to bridge gaps and build fruitful partnerships.

Establishing Healthy Boundaries

Create a supportive environment by setting clear, respectful boundaries with parents.

Behavior Management Collaboration

Collaborate with parents for cohesive behavior management strategies and solutions.

Promoting Positive Engagement:

Ignite parental involvement through positive, empowering engagement approaches for students.

Transformational Communication Techniques

Transform relationships with powerful communication techniques, fostering understanding and cooperation.

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