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Teaching Career Accelerator 

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Parental partnership Mastery 

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Price   ₹9,999/-  2,999

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 wellbeing wisdom workshop

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Elevate Your Teaching Journey with TeacherIcons

Tailored for Teacher  Challenges

address specific challenges teachers face for targeted professional growth

Holistic Wellbeing Approach

Promoting holistic teacher emotional and mental wellbeing.

Peer Community Support

Connect with a supportive community of teachers for shared insights and encouragement

                  Dr. Akshita Bahuguna

Know Your Career Coach

Dr. Akshita Bahuguna, chairman and founder of FutureIcons, a company dedicated to advancing individuals and organizations via research, education, and training

More than 10,000 young people have benefited from her mentoring and coaching. She has spoken to thousands of people in more than 1,000 talks, seminars, and webinars hosted throughout India. As a keynote speaker and seminar facilitator, she has inspired more than one lakh aspiring business owners, students, and teachers annually.

Students Review

It offers us a new way to explore subjects us tomfoolery on the cheesed off I dropped a clanger to do with me bits .

“DR. Akshita Bahuguna provided me a liberal environment where I could imagine beyond the limits, could question things and create new ideas. These are the qualities that have helped me grow. Today, I use all my learning to grow my business to greater heights.”

Akshat Jain, Businessman

"DR. Akshita Bahuguna realized my potential and creativity and helped me channelize it in the right direction. Today, Saaj Sajja is the result of the institution's faith in me and our combined labor."

Shikha Mittal, Founder Saaj Sajja

“DR. Akshita Bahuguna, founder FutureIcons, gave me the confidence to start my initiative ‘ITSuvidha’ and helped me become a Gold Medalist in MCA.”                                                             

Prerna Parashar

Welcome to Teacher Icons: Your Launchpad for Educational Excellence!

Are you navigating challenges in your teaching career? Teacher Icons offers expert-led courses tailored to address specific challenges teachers face. Whether you're seeking transformation in your career, practical strategies for real classrooms, or a holistic approach to wellbeing, Teacher Icons is your go-to resource.

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