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"Supercharge Your Teaching Career: Unlock Opportunities, Ignite Inspiration, and Take Your Teaching to the Next Level!"

Instructor: Dr Akshita BahugunaLanguage: English

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Online Teaching Career Accelerator 

Hi, I’m Dr. Akshita Bahuguna –An Edupreneur. I worked, researched, and interviewed 100+ Teachers and  Edupreneurs  before developing a SYSTEM to Unbox Icon Teachers who can prepare FutureIcons 

Teacher as Academic Leader or Academic Labor: The role of a teacher can be seen as a dynamic spectrum ranging from being perceived as an academic leader to fulfilling the duties of academic labor. While some educators actively contribute to shaping academic policies, curriculum development, and pedagogical approaches, others may find themselves primarily engaged in the day-to-day tasks of teaching without significant influence on broader academic decisions. The distinction often lies in a teacher's proactive engagement, leadership qualities, and commitment to ongoing professional development.

Teaching Career Accelerator: Embark on a transformative journey with our "Teaching Career Accelerator" course, designed to empower educators with the skills and mindset needed to transcend from academic labor to influential academic leadership. This comprehensive program covers the following key areas:

  1.  Understanding Teacher’s Career Landscape: Gain insights into the evolving landscape of education, identifying trends, challenges, and opportunities that impact teachers. Understand the broader context to make informed decisions about your career trajectory.
  2. Strategic Personal Branding for Teachers: Learn how to strategically position yourself as an educational influencer. Develop a compelling personal brand that reflects your unique strengths, teaching philosophy, and contributions to the academic community.
  3. Income Maximization Strategies: Explore strategies to maximize your income as an educator. From negotiating salary packages to identifying additional sources of revenue within the education sector, this module empowers you to take control of your financial future.
  4. Professional Development Roadmap: Create a roadmap for continuous professional development. Identify relevant certifications, courses, and workshops that align with your career goals. Stay ahead of industry trends and position yourself as a lifelong learner.
  5. Building a Powerful Teaching Portfolio: Craft a comprehensive teaching portfolio that showcases your achievements, teaching philosophy, and the impact you've had on students. Learn to present your credentials in a way that stands out to potential employers and decision-makers.
  6. Networking Strategies for Career Growth: Develop effective networking strategies to build meaningful connections within the education community. Learn how to leverage networking opportunities to enhance your career prospects, collaborate on projects, and participate in decision-making processes.

By enrolling in the Teaching Career Accelerator, you'll not only enhance your teaching skills but also acquire the tools and knowledge to navigate the academic landscape, position yourself as a leader, and contribute meaningfully to the future of education. This course is your gateway to unlocking a fulfilling and influential career in academia.



What you’ll learn

 Understanding Teacher’s  Career Landscape

 Strategic Personal Branding for Teachers

 Income Maximization Strategies

 Professional Development Roadmap

 Building a Powerful Teaching Portfolio

Networking Strategies for Career Growth

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